Student Research Assistants

Bri Rodriguez


Bri is a senior studying Sociology and Urban Studies with a minor in Latin America and Latino Studies. They were born in New York City, spent most of their life in Northern New Jersey, but consider Philly their home now. Most of their work has focused on how to achieve liberation for all while centering the experiences of those who are the most marginalized.

On-campus, they hold leadership roles in: QPOC (Queer People of Color), the Cipacti Latinx Honors Society, and the Carriage (LGBTQ+) Senior Society.They are also involved in the Civic Scholars Program. In the past, their interned at Juntos (a radical Latinx immigrant rights organization in South Philly) and has been a work-study student/Program Assistant at Civic House. They are also extremely passionate about fighting for accessibility in all spaces (especially academia) and disability rights.