Current Projects

GC 2.0

Linking YMSM to adequate care through a multi-level tailored web app intervention.

GC 2.0 is an online intervention that aims to link young men who have sex with men (YMSM) to high quality, culturally competent HIV/STI testing and screening sites through a dedicated web app. Originally developed for the Metro Detroit area, GC 2.0 is a two-arm prospective randomized controlled trial (RCT) currently ongoing in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Houston.


Additionally, GC 2.0 used a novel youth-driven mystery shopping approach to assess YMSM's experiences at HIV testing sites in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Houston.

GC 2.0 is part of iTech, a research network that aims to lower the burden of HIV infection by developing and evaluating innovative, interdisciplinary research on technology-based interventions across the HIV prevention and care continuum for at-risk or infected youth aged 15-24 years in the United States.

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  1. To test the efficacy of an e-Health intervention for increasing HIV-negative or HIV-unknown YMSM's successful uptake of HIV prevention services (e.g. routine HIV/STI testing) and PrEP awareness and willingness, as compared to the attention-control condition over 12-month period.

  2. To examine the quality of HIV test counseling and PrEP-related referrals to YMSM within local HIV/STI testing sites in three cities (Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Houston) through the use of mystery shoppers.

  3. Qualitatively assess testing sites' satisfaction with the biannual site reports and their improvements in service delivery when working with YMSM across the three regions