Current Projects

The G.I.S.T. Program

Gender-Inclusive Sex Talks

With transgender and gender nonbinary adolescents living at home, parents are optimal HIV/STI prevention educators because they are able to reach youth early to provide sequential and time-sensitive information that is responsive to the child’s questions and anticipated needs. Because more children are disclosing to their parents of being transgender at younger ages and there is growing parental acceptance of transgender children, it is important to explore the potential of transgender-focused parent-child sex communication.



The main study aims include:

  • describing the experiences of transgender adolescents and parents regarding parent-child sex communication, 
  •  identifying HIV and sex-related topics for which dyads feel they need to discuss and not discuss with one another and,

  • soliciting from parent-child dyads their ideas for an emergent, transgender-focused parent-child sex communication intervention.