Current Projects


Improving the health and well-being of young people by providing education, goal-setting, and peer support through a tailored web app.

iCON+ is a life skills intervention which provides tailored information and resources to support well-being of young men across diverse regions of the United States. Youth are empowered to set and pursue self-determined goals related to health, education, career, and relationships. iCON+ supports youth in planning, troubleshooting, and achieving their goals with personalized educational content, a resource database which allows them to find supportive resources in their home community, and the ability to chat online with a trained peer mentor.



  1. Create tailored educational content on a broad set of life skills which can provide customized information to a diverse set of youth from diverse communities across the U.S.

  2. Test the effect of the web app on youths' beliefs and behaviors related to their health and goals.

  3. Examine how individual and regional characteristics impact iCON+'s usefulness.