Current Projects

Parents ASSIST

Parents Advancing Supportive and Sexuality-Inclusive Sex Talk

Teaching and modeling inclusive sex education for parents of gay, bisexual and queer adolescents through animated videos.

Parents ASSIST is a website and video series that helps parents talk about sex and sexuality with their sons — especially if they’re gay, bisexual, or queer. The information in this intervention is based on the experiences of sons and parents we have worked with from the community.

In this study, parents see and hear all the recommendations parents and youth have shared with us so that conversations about sex and sexuality at home can be less awkward and more inclusive.

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To build and begin the evaluation of a web-based repository of animated videos that will provide inclusive sex communication education and skills for parents of GBQ adolescent males. We hypothesize that these animated videos:

  • will shift parents’ positive attitudes about communicating with GBQ sons about sex,

  • develop parental skills to initiate inclusive discussions,

  • increase parental comfort and knowledge level about GBQ-specific sexual health topics,

  • enhance parental self-efficacy to sustain sex talks, and

  • increase the frequency of communication about sex and health between parents and their GBQ sons.