Current Projects

Project SLIP

Synthetic Lubrication in Prevention

Characterizing hydrogels as lubricious coatings for intrarectal products.

Project SLIP is a collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and School of Engineering to develop the next generation condom using a generic hydrogel (a soft material with tunable surface properties and compatible with incorporation of releasable microbicidal agents) surface coating which will provide far better lubricating properties and durability than existing materials. The hydrogel coating may also offer the ability to incorporate microbicidal agents to reduce transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and to counter latex allergies.



To develop a coating applied to the inside and outside of latex or silicone condom that provides:

  • Intrinsic lubrications (no lubricant required)

  • Tailored frictional properties (better feel)

  • Enhanced toughness (allowing latex to be thinner - better feel while enhancing safety)

  • A barrier between skin and latex (avoid allergic reactions)

  • Drug-loading (reducing HIV transmission risk)